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PRODUCT NAME & CODE: Sesame oil 6 x 500 ml /OIL009 PRODUCT INFORMATION: Oil can be use like raw material or can be integrated in a process adapted. Don’t use at temperature > 180°C SENSORY PROPERTIES: Colour: Yellow gold State: Light, clear at 20°C, Insoluble in water Odour and taste: Aromatic and slightly toasted taste Cleanness: No foreign bodies and pollution of animal origin INGREDIENTS: 100% virgin sesame oil COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: (Sesame Seeds) India/Mexico/Sudan/Nigeria/Senegal ALLERGENS: This product is allergenic. (SESAME SEEDS). (See bottom of the specification for more details) PACKAGING: Food grade metal tin with plastic lid. LABELLING: Product name, Net weight, Lot / Batch Number & Best before date, List of ingredients, Allergen information (where applicable), Unit barcode, Nutritional information (where applicable), Storage condition, Address of Centaur Foods Ltd STORAGE: Room temperature, away from light and heat, close firmly after use. SHELF LIFE: 18 months from the date of production / Use within 6 months after opening. Minimum shelf life on delivery is 3 months. UNIT BARCODE: 5060103919994 CASE BARCODE: N/A CENTAUR FOODS PRODUCT SPECIFICATION SESAME OIL 500 ml Issued by: Technical Department Issue number: 3 Review date: 16/05/2018 Prepared by: Peter Sajdak - QA Technician Reason for change: Format update Page 2 of 3 UNIT 2, Beaufort Trading Park, Pucklechurch, BRISTOL, BS16 9QH TEL: 01173039337 NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION PER 100g: Energy 3404kJ/ 828kcal Fat 92g of which Saturated 14.6g Of which Monounsaturated 37.5g Of which polyunsaturated 39.8g Carbohydrate 0g of which Sugars 0g Protein 0g Salt 0g MICROBIOLOGICAL DATA: Oil is an anhydrous product and therefore it doesn’t allow the proliferation of microorganisms. CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL DATA: Free fatty acids ≤ 2 % Acid value ≤ 4 mg KOH/g Peroxide value in tank car ≤ 15 meq02/kg Iodine value (calculated) 104 – 120g l2/100g PRODUCT SUITABILITY Vegetarians YES Kosher N/A Vegan YES Organic N/A GM Free YES Irradiated NO

Toasted Sesame Oil 500ml

SKU: 0461
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