• 4 White Pittas. Mamoosh Artisan Bakery makes everything by hand in small batches with no added nonsence! These amazing Pittas are made in Newhaven Sussex.
  • 1 Peppadew stuffed with cream cheese 300g. 
  • 1 Artchokes in olive oil,white wine vinegar & lemon 300g. 
  • 1 Whipped Spicy Feta 300g.
  • 1 Sun Kissed tomatoes 300g.
  • 1 Houmous 300g made in small quantities. Coarse & full of flavour! 
  • 1 Nocellara olives in Olive oil, fresh tyme & garlic 300g.
  • Authentic Mexican tortilla chips 500g. 

Mezze Deal