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Our approach is simple.  We work with our customers to source the beautiful ingredients they need. 

We love what you do. We know competition is fierce.  And that your success depends on creating delicious, Instagram-worthy meals for our nation of foodies.  So we literally put our money where our mouth is.  We only sell products that we can, and do, happily share with our family and friends (We love what we do too!) 

Retail Collection and home delivery We know it's been difficult to get what you need from the supermarkets for the past few weeks. And with things so quiet on the restaurant front right now, we thought we could make ourselves useful. So we've opened an online shop for the general public. We're selling all our usual products and, due to popular demand, we've even added some new ones. So while we may not be able to enjoy eating out for the foreseeable future, at least we can enjoy some delicious food in the comfort, and safety, of our own homes.   

About us

Trends change.  Costs go up and down. But some things remain the same. Millennials will eat avocado toast.  


Our promise. To source and supply the finest quality ingredients to chefs across London and Surrey. 


Our philosophy. Where possible we buy British. Not for political reasons, just because it makes sense. Why import something from thousands of miles away when you can get it right here? 


And we don't just stick to the household names, we love supporting challenger and niche brands, especially if it will save you money.  


Our network. Finding the best ingredients isn't always easy, which is why we choose to work with people we know, like and can rely on.